Solutions for a new clean energy era

Intelligent. Intuitive. Iconic. Meet the latest products to join the Aira ecosystem.

Outdoor Unit 6 and 8 kW

Outdoor Unit 12 kW

Indoor Unit 250L

Indoor Unit 100L

Buffer Tank 40L

Buffer Tank 100L

Room Thermostat

Designed to fit effortlessly into any home without sacrificing comfort, convenience or lifestyle.

Warming homes, heating water and cutting residential heating emissions to zero. Completely inconspicuously.

A ‘set and forget’ self-optimising experience for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency in every situation.

Intuitively learns each home’s unique needs, adjusting heating and hot water around daily routines.

Drives energy independence with the addition of solar panels, battery storage and two-way EV charging.

Forming a distinctive, design-driven  ecosystem raising brand awareness as more homes switch to Aira.

Meet the team behind the design of our heat pumps

Clean energy-
tech for every home


Aira Intelligence and App

The Aira system is a series of smart, connected, app-controlled features heating homes and hot water with continuously optimising efficiency. Welcome to Aira Intelligence.


The Aira system adjusts to each home’s unique environment for a constantly improving experience.


By learning the household’s routines the system precision-plans heating and hot water.

Adjusts to
the forecast

The system connects to weather reports, auto-adjusting for the optimum indoor climate.

Maximises hot
water efficiency

It avoids energy waste by only preparing the hot water that the home actually needs.

Predicts bill and
CO₂ savings

Customers can see their estimated monthly CO₂ and monetary savings at any time.

So smart it looks
after itself

The self-regulating Aira system constantly fine-tunes itself to optimise performance.

With Aira, everyone can make the switch


No up-front costs and fixed monthly payments

Aira swaps unpredictable price hikes and hidden costs for sensible all-inclusive monthly payments spread over 10 years, with savings from day one.


Hassle-free all the way

Aira is the only customer-centric, fully joined-up experience in an otherwise fragmented industry. We take care of the entire customer journey, from first quote to system design, from grant application to post-installation aftercare.


The Aira Comfort Guarantee

Only Aira guarantees heat pump performance and comfort, including including parts and labour, for 15 years. All delivered by our very own Aira Clean Energy Experts.

Finally. A clean, affordable way to heat our homes.

Lack of trusted partners
Until Aira, the heat pump customer journey was fraught and fragmented, with a limited number of trusted partners to choose from and no single full-service offering.
Impractical pricing
Significant upfront costs stopped homes switching to heat pumps. And while government subsidies are available, they are notoriously hard to navigate.
Fear of change
Inertia, misinformation and artificially low gas prices have hidden the true opportunity heat pumps offer, so consumers stuck with what they knew. Fossil-fuel boilers.
4x more efficient
Heat pumps are 4x more efficient than gas boilers, shrinking energy bills by up to 40% and CO₂ by up to 100%¹.
The solar + heat pump effect
When your home runs on sun, so does your heat pump. And your consumption reducing power doubles. A further leap towards energy independence.
The complete solution
Our green tariffs help maximise off-peak usage, sell back surplus and even store home-produced energy – when combined with batteries and two-way EV charging.

Getting Europe off gas. One home at a time.

Our mission

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