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Clean energy-tech for a new energy era

The Aira effect

Fossil fuels in 2024? We can do better.

10% of Europe’s CO₂ emissions are caused by residential heating and energy bills are out of control. Aira changes that.

Our mission

A solution fresh from the coldest corner of Europe

We come from Sweden, where heat pumps are part of everyday life. If they can see us through our -25°C winters, they’ll more than keep the rest of Europe cosy. All while shrinking heating bills by up to 40%¹.

No wonder we’re on track to be Europe’s leading direct-to-consumer clean energy-tech solution.

About Aira

So far we have raised €195m through oversubscribed and upsized Series A and B rounds, as well as securing government backing.


Our factory in Wrocław, Poland will give us the scale to produce 500k heat pumps each year, to keep pace with the demand for installations.


We aim to electrify and decarbonise 5m European homes by 2034, whilst working towards a 1% reduction in total global carbon emissions.


A complete clean energy-tech ecosystem. Finally.

The industry hasn’t made it easy for homes to switch to cost effective, clean energy-tech. But Aira does.

Our solutions


Our intelligent heat pumps are 4x more efficient than gas boilers, emit 75% less CO₂ and cut heating bills by up to 40%¹.


Our solar panels further drive energy independence, helping power your home and heat pump more sustainably.


Batteries help our customers maximise the efficiency of their solar all year round and use the grid less during peak hours.

energy tariffs

Intelligent tariffs designed for heat pump and solar homes, using cheap energy periods for maximum efficiency.

EV charging

Two-way EV charging can be used to power a home, feed energy back into the grid or even provide backup power.


Scandi-designed thermostat and app connecting the customer and their heat pump for optimal control and performance.


Heat has a sneaky habit of escaping. Our loft and wall insulation keeps your heating exactly where you need it. Inside.

Leading the clean energy revolution

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Sustainable as a service

Tackling Europe's residential heating problem relies on homes quickly adopting clean energy-tech. And at scale. Aira makes this happen by removing all barriers to switching and an all-inclusive plan to supercharge take up.

More about solutions

With Aira, Europe doesn’t have to make the impossible choice between cutting emissions or slashing bills.

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Series B complete

We recently closed our €145 million Series B financing round with leading climate and innovation investors from Europe, the US and Asia. Financing was hugely oversubscribed and upsized from our initial €85 million target.

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The faster we grow, the faster Europe gets the clean energy it deserves

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